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We’re teaming up with @HoustonBCycle as the Official Healthcare Partner to increase access to healthier transportat…
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Nearly 50 percent of American adults have high blood pressure—and many don't even know they have it. Here are ways…
RT @CHIStLukesNews: Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center is the first hospital in Texas to offer PulseRider technology for the minimally in…
We are honored that Baylor St. Luke’s neurosurgeon, Dr. Sameer Sheth, was awarded an $8.5 million grant by the BRAI…
RT @JosephLamelas: Busy week in Dubai at @4TSConference! #4TS2018 @CHI_StLukes
CHI St. Luke’s Health–Patients Medical Center is one of the nation’s top-rated hospitals by @CMSGov. Judged across…
Meet Dr. Joseph Lamelas, an expert in the most advanced forms of minimally invasive cardiac surgery, having complet…
From our hearts to yours, all of us at CHI St. Luke's Health wish you a healthy and happy Valentine's Day!

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Is It Appendicitis or Just a Stomach Ache

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On Your Nerves: Understanding MS

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7 Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Baby is on the way and needs nourishment just like mom. But certain dishes and beverages you enjoy outside of pregnancy can harm your little one. While you’re eating for two, keep these seven food and drink categories out of your diet.

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