Plan for It


If you catch fire, you know to stop, drop, and roll. If a suspicious character knocks on your door, you know to call the police… but do you know where to go if someone gets seriously injured?

Trust The Region’s Leader In Emergency Care

CHI St. Luke’s Health offers a network of emergency services to provide increased access to high quality care where and when you need it. Find your nearest location.

Know Where To Go When Minutes Matter

Get all the contact information you need from your nearest CHI St. Luke’s Health emergency services provider sent directly to your phone.

Fill out our Plan For It form, receive a text message, and create a new contact to save this lifesaving information. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on the latest in emergency news and tips.


Our Community Emergency Centers throughout the greater Houston area provide a more streamlined process for hospital admissions, if needed, than non-hospital affiliated clinics and urgent care centers. We refer and transport patients to the nearest CHI St. Luke’s Health hospital for direct admittance, rather than an additional wait in the ER.


Our hospitals’ Emergency Departments attend to all emergencies—when minutes matter— including heart attacks and strokes. Upon each patient’s arrival, a triage process (to assess the degree of urgency) determines the order in which all patients are seen and the most efficient care plan.