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Making a Big Impact in Your Health

Our mission of creating healthier communities goes beyond patient care. As we support the well-being of each of our patients, we also encourage everyone to lead a healthy lifestyle, providing opportunities and resources to the communities we serve. That's why we're teaming up with Houston BCycle as their Official Healthcare Partner to increase access to healthier transportation options and launching 5-Day Health Challenges! Sign up today and receive a Houston BCycle membership promo code to assist you in your first challenge.

Which Challenge is Right for You?

Level I: For the Inspired

Almost everyone can perform these 5-Day Health Challenges, regardless of age or fitness level. Tasks may include light activity or easy adjustments to improve your overall well-being.


Level II: For the Motivated

These 5-Day Health Challenges give an extra boost to a healthy individual’s daily routine. Tasks may include engaging in a simple exercise or swapping snacks for healthier alternatives.


Level III: For the Ambitious

If you are an active individual looking for more of a challenge, these are for you. Tasks may include performing a specific workout or switching up your eating habits for the day.

Prior to beginning our BCycle Health Challenges or any exercise regimen, we recommend discussing what exercises are appropriate for your fitness level with your doctor.


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