Epilepsy Treatment with NeuroPace® RNS® System

CHI St. Luke’s Health–Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center raised the bar for standard of medical care for patients with epilepsy and partial onset seizures in April 2014 by offering treatment with the FDA approved NeuroPace® RNS® System.

The NeuroPace RNS System is a responsive neurostimulation device, which is used to treat partial onset seizures through the detection of abnormal brain activity. This device is implanted into the brain and works by detecting abnormal brain activity before the patient begins to seize, based on previous indicators as specified by the patient’s doctor. At the time that the abnormal activity is detected, the device will emit small electrical stimulations to normalize brain activity and prevent the seizure from occurring.

The NeuroPace RNS System is designed for patients with medically refractory partial onset seizures. Medically refractory is a term used to describe a medical condition that is unaffected by two or more medical treatments. In this case, medically refractory seizures are seizures that are unable to be controlled by two or more antiepileptic drugs.

You may qualify for treatment with NeuroPace if you fit the following criteria:

  • You are 18 years of age or older
  • You have undergone diagnostic testing and frequent, disabling partial onset seizures
  • You your partial onset seizures have no more than two epileptogenic foci
  • Your seizures have proven to be unmanageable by at least two antiepileptic medications

Having helped bring the NeuroPace to the new standard of patient care through the clinical trial, CHI St. Luke’s Health has the most experience in Houston with NeuroPace treatment for epilepsy. When other treatments aren’t an option, NeuroPace may be able to help stimulate the brain and abort a seizure before it happens.


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